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Project Grow provides Ann Arbor–area residents with the space, know-how, and inspiration to grow their own fresh, organic food. Gardens are located throughout the community, many near public transportation, so you can choose a site that's close to home. Project Grow identifies under-developed land, arranges for its use, and maintains it as part of our network of community gardens. We provide raised beds and programs for children, seniors, and gardeners with disabilities, so everyone can participate! Individualized programs can be created for schools, non-profit organizations and special needs gardeners.

Project Grow is a private, non-profit organization that relies on the support of our community for volunteer help, equipment donations, and funding. Please get involved, and grow with us!

Upcoming Events:

Eat Your Weeds!

Vegetable gardeners bemoan the pesky presence of weeds that threaten to take over their garden. Much work goes into weeding them out. And yet in doing so, valuable foodstuff might be thrown away that are just as tasty and healthful, which grow without the need of coddling and care,…

Kim Chi!

Learn how to make Kim Chi, a traditional fermented Korean side dish. Students will taste samples from a freshly made batch of Kim Chi as they watch how it is made, step-by-step. The kitchen has generous space for students to observe the techniques involved in making this dish, to…

Tips and Techniques 3: Maintaining Your Vegetable Garden

The same panel of expert gardeners - Joet Reoma and Marcella Trautmann - will turn their attention to the problems that beset gardeners when the heat, drought or wet, pests and weeds of mid-season can discourage even the hardiest of gardeners. Intended for the novice gardener, solutions will be…