Who makes Project Grow grow?

Managing Director

Day-to-day business and management is carried out by Joanie Stovall, our trusty managing director. She'll be the one responding to all your general inquiries.

Board of Directors

Supporting the director is the member-elected, volunteer Board of Directors. This isn't just any Board: the Project Grow Board is a "working" Board, meaning that they roll up their sleeves and work hard to keep the organization thriving. Learn more about the Board.


You can view the Project Grow bylaws here


We have a vibrant community of volunteers who take on various projects and tasks. This includes Site Coordinators at each community garden who serve as a vital link between gardeners and the organization. If you are interested in volunteering, please email .

Community Partners

To expand its reach, Project Grow collaborates with numerous community organizations. We happily partner with local schools, area businesses, government agencies, and other non-profit organizations to provide innovative organic gardening programs, resources, and mentorship to community gardeners.

In addition, every year Project Grow gardeners donate a couple thousand pounds of fresh, organic produce to local food pantries such as Food Gatherers.

Every one of our partnerships gives us pride. However, a partnership has developed over the years between the Eagle Scouts program of the Boys Scouts of America and Project Grow that warrants public recognition. At different times, individual scouts have built permanent wooden fences, raised beds, and a pergola for the Discovery Garden in their bid to attain that coveted rank. Mitchell Lichtenberg achieved that high status by completing his project of designing and building wooden signs for the many beds at the Discovery Garden. In 2010, Andrew Best repaired many of the raised beds in the Discovery Garden.