Project Grow's Classes & Events

Project Grow hosts regular classes and events that help educate our community about organic gardening and related subjects. These classes are open to everyone (even if you don't garden with us) and are generally free or low cost. 

See the class schedule and events calendar for scheduled opportunities and the most up to date information.

Classes Available Any Time

The following classes are available whenever you’re ready to learn.  Follow the links at the end of each class description.

Herbs for the Michigan Garden

Introducing herbs benefits both you AND your garden! In this class, we'll learn how to grow and use 20 culinary and medicinal herbs suited for the southeast Michigan garden. We'll cover preservation techniques, basic medicine making and crafting such as herbal oils, poultices, infused honeys and vinegars plus more! We will also learn to identify and use common edible "weeds" and even a few plants to avoid.

This class is offered as 16 lessons and allows you to download the slides, resources and references.  Approximately 3 hours total time to complete at the pace you choose.

The class is free and available now at this LINK.

Top Ten Tips for Winter Sowing Success

Learn how to use inexpensive recycled containers to grow perennials and certain annuals using Winter Sowing. The cold, quiet days of midwinter are an excellent time to try this mini-greenhouse method that capitalizes on freeze thaw cycles and the natural germination schedules built into each and every seed that thrives via this method. Deb has used winter sowing successfully to start new perennial beds and a variety of garden annuals, herbs and grasses.

This class was offered live online in 2022 and is available for viewing anytime. It contains a video of the Project Grow sponsored Zoom class notes using Slide Share as well as embedded video and downloadable resources on which seeds are best for winter sowing.

The class is free and available now at this LINK.