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Weedy Lawn and Garden Salad

Have you been throwing Chenopodium album onto the compost heap all this time?!  That’s lambsquarters - spinach’s wildly nutritious cousin. Weeding the garden becomes a delight when you realize that so many “weeds” are actually superfoods!   Join Shawn Severance and the wild food foragers to learn about all sorts of garden weeds that can impart delicious flavor and nutrition to your spring salads.  Gardeners, please bring your herbs and greens!   We will forage the wild greens and make a Gardener meets Forager salad for all to share.   In partnership with Project Grow and Will Forage for Food.

Shawn Severance is  the Parks Naturalist at Washtenaw County Parks & Recreation

Please register here.  Fee:  $0.  Walk-ins welcome.

Vermiculture for Youth Educators

This offering is designed specifically for K-5 classroom educators. Jesse Raudenbush of Starr Valley Farms will be sharing tips and tricks on how to make and set up your own classroom worm bin, care and maintenance for your worms, and multiple methods for hands-on classroom investigation and discussion.

Registration fee:  $5.  Register now .   The class is open to the public, and walk-ins are welcome. Cash only.   Please check the website to read about any changes to the course [eg:  time, location].