Plot Types, Prices, Open and Closing Dates

Though specific shapes, sizes, and availability vary depending on the unique lay of each garden site, Project Grow strives to offer plots that will accommodate all gardeners' needs. 

Full Plots

  • Approximately 750 square feet
  • $130 annual plot rental fee

Half Plots

  • Approximately 375 square feet
  • $80 annual plot rental fee

Plot + Fence

Food Gatherers, Hunt, Scio and Wines all carry a surcharge to pay for fencing. At these sites prices are $160 for a full plot and $95 for a half plot. 

Many Project Grow sites are decades old, so sizes are approximate and may vary. 

Discovery Gardens

  • 18 and 24 square foot raised bed gardens
  • Designed for older gardeners, children, and those with limited mobility
  • Volunteers provide periodic assistance with garden maintenance and education
  • $50 annual rental fee for a single bed, $80 for two beds
  • Learn more about Discovery Gardens

Reduced Fee Plots

Opening and Closing Dates Dates

Perennial gardens remain open throughout the winter.  Gardeners with perennial plots may begin or end their gardening season as early or late as weather permits.

Annual gardens open in the spring after "stake out". For stake out, a stake is placed in each corner of each plot and labelled with the plot number.  

At most annual sites this is not done until after all the annual plots are tilled.  All of this depends on the weather.  In a dry year it might be finished by late April.  In a wet year it could be as late as mid-May.  

The closing date or deadline for cleanup is always dusk on the third Saturday in October.  

Despite being available all year, perennial plots still need to be cleaned up (see the Member Handbook) by the closing date.