Like everyone else, Project Grow has been scrambling to adapt to the rapid changes related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • Classes - Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living, where we usually hold classes, is closed. We will teach our next class, Tips 1: Planning Your Vegetable Garden remotely. 
  • Plant Sale - we are transplanting the seedlings in a safe manner and still hope to hold the sale.  But details on the sale are unclear and subject to conditions that exist at that time.  We will keep you informed!
  • Gardens - we will be discussing the larger Coronavirus situation at the board meeting and we will keep all our gardeners informed as we develop safe gardening guidelines. We will also be working with site coordinators to work through issues specific to individual sites.

We are now accepting applications for 2020! You can apply here, and read all about how and when we process applications here.

We still have plots at the following sites:

  • Airport
  • Buhr
  • Chapel Hill
  • County Farm Discovery
  • Ellsworth
  • Greenview
  • Wines

Project Grow provides Ann Arbor–area residents with the space, know-how, and inspiration to grow their own fresh, organic food. Gardens are located throughout the community, many near public transportation, so you can choose a site that's close to home. Project Grow identifies under-developed land, arranges for its use, and maintains it as part of our network of community gardens. We provide raised beds and programs for children, seniors, and gardeners with disabilities, so everyone can participate! Individualized programs can be created for schools, non-profit organizations and special needs gardeners.

Project Grow is a private, non-profit organization that relies on the support of our community for volunteer help, equipment donations, and funding. Please get involved, and grow with us!

Upcoming Events:

Tips 1: Planning Your Vegetable Garden

This is the first of two classes planned by Project Grow to help gardeners with the problems that are typically encountered throughout the growing season. This class is designed with the novice gardener in mind, though experienced gardeners may gain (and share) some ideas that will promote success in…

2020 Plant Sale

Every year Project Grow holds a plant sale offering hard to find heirloom tomatoes, peppers and basil. This year we are offering 75 varieties of tomatoes, 23 varieties or peppers, 2 varieties of basil. In addition, also offer lisianthus and sweet peas! The peppers and basil will be started…

Tips 2: Planting Your Vegetable Garden

If you are a novice gardener, or even an experienced one, attend this class to learn how to garden more effectively and efficiently in 2020. Experienced Project Grow gardeners, Joet Reoma and Royer Held, will share tips and techniques that have helped them to garden successfully. Topics will range…